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Client Services

Jurand Staffing works diligently with client companies to recruit all levels of Restaurant & Hospitality Management Personnel. Whether you are a large corporation, franchise or privately owned restaurant — whether you need to hire one manager or an entire management team—we will dedicate ourselves to finding the best talent that suits your needs and fits your criteria.

Jurand Staffing operates on either a Contingency Agreement or a Retained Service Agreement with client companies. We offer reasonable fees and a solid replacement warranty.

Our experienced recruiters effectively generate high-quality candidates from direct source cold calling, referrals, internet advertising and social media. We will manage, facilitate and track the results of the recruiting process from start to finish. We work exclusively for you and guarantee results for long-term staffing success.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Jurand Staffing will not “flip” resumes to several other companies to “just land a hire.” Many search firms take the “spaghetti toss” approach and market candidates to multitudes of companies, hoping something will stick. They will clog up your inbox with useless resumes that don’t pertain to your current needs, locations, or requirements. We will only submit resumes for a specific job order assigned to us and will never send unsolicited resumes. Our recruiters have industry, human resource, recruiting, and sales experience. We represent only the best! If you are interested in becoming a client, please contact our corporate office.

If you're a Client or Company seeking new Talent, click on the button below!

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